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Sunday, August 3, 2008


Your Quiet

You know how many years I've been saying "today I gotta make the website!!!"!?!? and then all that ever gets done is like the layout and after that I poop out. Using Dreamweaver makes things SO MUCH EASIER/FASTER OMG. It's like the difference between aimlessly wandering a barren wasteland vs. being guided by nymphs and elves in a lush magical forest.

SO YEA! anyway I'm back from Colorado. It was an exciting trip but I was sick for almost all of it so uuhh... 8(
Photos comin' later, right now I'm focusing on getting ready for Otakon!!!

Also working on more Vein pages and have been accepted into the Royal Rumble tournament over at Enter Void!!!!! WAAAAYYYYY exciting!

Another exciting thing is earlier this month I was interviewed with fellow Static Fish Friends over at Comics Bulletin! You can read the interview: here

OK back to work!