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Thursday, March 11, 2010

hand over waves

school is slaying me but i'm having a good time
this term is weird, for the first time in years i am working mostly with traditional media in large format (collage, silkscreen, wash). it's quite fulfilling, but also means the images aren't conveniently on my hard drive to share (and I don't own a scanner). must work on taking good photos..

i'm working on a group book project called STATIC FISH, the bare-bones blog is here: These images are the cover and also spot illustrations of just kind of coked-out looking paranoid fish. The cover is silkscreened with a layer added in photoshop (the light white over the figure.)
anyway, the book should debut at MoCCA, it's like 60 pages of full color dreamyness.

here are also some spot illustrations I did for the Prattler