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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

SPX Photos

Better late than never, here are some photos from this year's SPX!

It's Andre!!

The lovely Hilary <3

Those cats from Our Friend the Atom!!! These guys are so full of comic enthusiasm, they are the best to run into at cons!!

Kat, Kim, and the dudes from You Ain't No Dancer~~!!(Ed and Phil!) I've been internet-following Kim's comics for at least 7 years so it was wonderful to finally meet her in person (;_;

This year's haul, hahah! (A two-person combination.)

WTF IS THIS!!! (TT____TT So far I've only translated "THE BLACK MINE" (the title)...

Even though we could only be there on Saturday, Kat and I had a good time just chilling with people and looking at good comics, yeah!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


school is all-consuming.

let me repeat that again,


it's so bad that I'm having dreams about my teachers, inwhich we discus academic topics!!! (like the significance of typographical counters.) horrible.
I have actual art and things to post but have NO TIME TO actually post them, I hate this!
And this past weekend I went to SPX, so I have photos to post and emails to write to people and there is just no time (-_-

But SPX was wonderful, so much great comics and so many good, good people!!!