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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mountains against sky

Tuesday I'm leaving for Colorado for a family reunion. This is my family that I rarely see because they live so far away, so it is kind of (very) exciting. I was a really antisocial kid (and still am hahah) so I am excited to now actually maybe possibly have some kind of relationship with these people before we all die.

Because my Aunt died on Thursday.

Will I be bitter forever for missing that show.

I still haven't seen Dark Knight, and that might have to wait until after Colorado, but I did watch Manic and Fur recently. Both movies are very beautiful, Fur is visually and emotionally breath-taking and Manic makes me question a lot of things.

Art update when I get back, namely new page for Walking City and information about HATCH vol. 1

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

summer time sleeping

Quick update.
I've fallen into the habit of staying up until 2a-4a in the moring and then sleeping till noon, getting up, eating, going to work, come home 11p, and then just doing nothing until 2a (cheat repeat cheat repeat).
This is not encouraging artwork production at all....

Sometime ago I did manage to finish this (super rushed super bad) battle over at Enter Void. You can check it out here:
Julius v. Rex

Max Beck also completed the first five pages of his Vein comic, Side-Effects, so please check that out!!
Kat and I are working on the next chapters of Nous/suoN and Walking City along with things for the upcoming Otakon....!!

OK off to work