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Friday, September 17, 2010

Salmon Days

When it's summer, this song is always running through my head: Do As Infinity - Summer Days
When I was younger I really disliked eating salmon, but this summer I became very interested in eating salmon whenever possible....a trend towards eating healthier? anyway, I really like summer, these cooler days are unsettling and I've already started coughing.

Picture Book Report

a little while back I was featured on Meg Hunt's sweet Picture Book Report project. The page is here and this is the book excerpt:

“I often crouched down and watched with bated breath as a scrap of paper or a leaf writhed and changed its shape within the flames. The bonfire reminded me of when I had seen my father’s bones at the crematorium, and as the sight had not alarmed me, I began to think about his bones every time we burned the leaves, rerunning the memory over and over again in my mine until my father’s bones gradually became divorced from other memories and simply remained a close and familiar thought.”

Thursday, September 9, 2010

MAGGOTS reprint

I reprinted copies of MAGGOTS this week. printed them in PURPLE from the sweet, sweet sweet risograph at my work place, so now they feel velvety and delicious and will get purple ink all over your fingers, you know you love it!!!!! Anyway I'll be selling these at the Small Press Expo this weekend along with my Static Fish and Slow Youth crew (it's like the same people, different name..) anyway, TABLE B9, GUYS. B9.