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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

summer time sleeping

Quick update.
I've fallen into the habit of staying up until 2a-4a in the moring and then sleeping till noon, getting up, eating, going to work, come home 11p, and then just doing nothing until 2a (cheat repeat cheat repeat).
This is not encouraging artwork production at all....

Sometime ago I did manage to finish this (super rushed super bad) battle over at Enter Void. You can check it out here:
Julius v. Rex

Max Beck also completed the first five pages of his Vein comic, Side-Effects, so please check that out!!
Kat and I are working on the next chapters of Nous/suoN and Walking City along with things for the upcoming Otakon....!!

OK off to work


maxburg said...

i like your habit just fine.

saicoink said...

Wow! Can't wait to see what you guys produce. I wish that I could go to Otakon this year. :-( Curses!

And the comic you drew was awesome. I just love the way you lay things out and the inking is so wonderful. *cries because it's so great*

My sleeping schedule is pretty wacked. You get more sleep than I do though! I usually go until 2am or 4am then wake up at 9am and get nothing done at all--. D:

[kr] mukai said...


Saiii- If ever you can make it down here, you got yourself a free place to crash!! (;3;

Uwwaaah thank you >0< Man you know I learned most of it from you + doujisoup crew!!

JJEEZZZ 4a to 9a~?!?!?! wwhhhyyyyy. I'm trying to get up earlier but so far the earliest is only 10:30 (TT_TT;;;;;