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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mountains against sky

Tuesday I'm leaving for Colorado for a family reunion. This is my family that I rarely see because they live so far away, so it is kind of (very) exciting. I was a really antisocial kid (and still am hahah) so I am excited to now actually maybe possibly have some kind of relationship with these people before we all die.

Because my Aunt died on Thursday.

Will I be bitter forever for missing that show.

I still haven't seen Dark Knight, and that might have to wait until after Colorado, but I did watch Manic and Fur recently. Both movies are very beautiful, Fur is visually and emotionally breath-taking and Manic makes me question a lot of things.

Art update when I get back, namely new page for Walking City and information about HATCH vol. 1

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Darren said...

That's awesome you linked the this to their story. I hadn't seen it. Thanks!