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Friday, April 18, 2008

The Mourning Star sketches

One of my favorite comics at the moment is The Mourning Star, by Kazimir Strzepek.

(Some more of his work here:

I bought vol. 1 back in March and also somehow own the Papercutter issue that contains a Mourning Star side story. (how did I get this comic??? I don't even remember?? did Kat pick it up???)
My favorite characters are Dagger Face + Pike, and the Snipper Sniper, so here is some fanart:

How will he get his stuff back?! I want to know, too! Hurry and draw vol. 2, Mr. Strzepek!


Kat Mukai said...

I think I bought it at Atomic Books after having bought that other issue. Or I picked it up at a convention. Man.... okay.. I don't even know! 8O

Hunter said...

looks pretty cool. I like that cover, especially.

Lara said...

your like so flippin awsome