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Friday, March 13, 2009

March Illustrations

Three for a contest?? about clever takes on like.. The old west culture and 21st century culture combined. It was quite open-ended so I based these on memories I have of living in Texas when I was 5. All I remember are long stretches of nothing and playgrounds everywhere. (also caterpillars falling from the sky)

This project got me looking at quite a few architecture books about constructing/designing playgrounds and now I think I would like to draw more playgrounds in the future.



Kar Kay said...

These are really well done. I can see them largescale poster or in some publication

Yamagata Ke said...

I love them. nicely done.

[kr] mukai said...

Thanks guys, that really means a lot \>_<\

Hunter said...

Your categories on carbonmade seem oddly familiar.

Awesome illustrations. very pro.

Anonymous said...
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Melissa Ling said...

NICE! I haven't seen any of your illustrations from this semester but I really like this set. I can see your style is developing. I am a big fan of the color scheme you have going. :)