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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Static Fish in Real Places (reel places?)

check it dudes, Static Fish is having a release party next week and you're invited.
It's happening at Desert Island next Tuesday the 8th at 7pm. (540 metropolitan ave, take the L or G to Lorrimer!!)

If i haven't explained before: Static Fish is this 25-year-old, school-funded, student-run comic Pratt Institute publication that I've been involved in since freshman year. It's been exciting to see how my peers (piers?) have developed and improved over the past three years. For this volume we went bat-shit crazy on the production, it's hard-bound and full color. I gotta give props to Jane Wu for really spear-heading Static Fish and the Comic Club, keeping everything organized and everyone on their toes. and to Jay Ray Stephens for believing our ideas into reality.

Here also are some better photos of the actual book:

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