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Thursday, August 5, 2010

smoke signals

These are submissions for Desert Island's Smoke Signal publication. The first comic was published in Issue 5 and I'm crossing my fingers that the second one will get into Issue 6. these comics are always super awkward to show people because everyone assumes that one of the bunnies is me and the other is my sister and that the stories are true and they actually aren't and you leave my sister out of it.

I made a grid for the second one, look at how much better it looks!! Hahahahah


hilary florido said...

ohmygodomygod. SO GOOD.
i know those comics aren't about you and your twin because they're actually about me and my twin.

fireplug said...

ah yes, the old leave a bucket by the bed strategy.

AluĂ­sio "zsa" said...

I like the grid, but I'm not sure I like how precise it looks. Still great read!

X said...

yes yes yes