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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

mini zine

Sometimes I have to take a break from drawing angry animals, and instead draw stressed out animals....

Here is a small zine of brush and ink cartoons in two colors, blue on one side and purple on the other. They are Risograph printed!

My favorite is the larger picture of the wolf brushing his teeth (i brush my teeth when i'm stressed out). Actually I'm always shocked when people call it a wolf since it was supposed to be a horse, but I didn't give it a mane or hooves so of course now it looks like a wolf!!!

About 20 were printed on pink card stock that you see in the corner of the first image. The card stock is too heavy to keep printing on though..really gave me a lot of trouble, it kept jamming the riso and then to fold it I had to score and double-fold all the folds, time-consuming! They look super good though...!!!!!

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fireplug said...

yessssssssss i will try that *brush brush brush*